external image new-james-stark-vampires-8637120-641-651.jpgThis is Stark. He is one of Zoeys many boyfriends that she has at the house. Stark is an extremely good archer and he just arrived at the house from the previous house that he was at. Zoey falls in love with him as soon as she see's him at the house. He is one of the red vampyres because he dies shortly after he gets to the house. I pictured him pretty close to this except i didn't think he had this much hair.
external image Erin%20Bates%20Heading.pngErin is one of Zoeys best friends at the house and she is definatly the blond that her hair color shows.

external image Shaunee%20Cole%20Heading.png
external image Jack-house-of-night-novels-4607863-318-439.jpg