The last book left us hanging with Zoey having problems with her social life full of boyfriends. It also left her to deal with helping her friend Stevie Rae to get her humanity back. Zoey also discovered that Neferet was evil and that if she revealed her Neferet would ruin her life. In this book Zoey begins to hear these strange crowing noises at night and then some of the adult vampyres start to turn up dead. This causes some major issues and they call in the strongest men in the vampyre world. With them comes the high priestess of all vampyres Shekinah. She is here to help to solve all the problems going on at the school. Then to make Zoey's life even more complicated there is a new guy at the school named Stark. He is a fledgling that can hit any target with a bow and arrow. All he has to do is think about the thing he wants to hit and the arrow will go there. So now Zoey is falling for Stark who she barely even knows. The day that Stark arrives Zoey finds him shooting in the indoor arena. As they are talking Stark falls into Zoey’s arms and starts to cough up blood. In the vampyre world this signifies that he is dying. So the night that Stark arrives he dies in Zoey's arms. Now stark is able to be turned into a red vampyre for use by Neferet. Zoey however doesn't want Stark to fall into Neferet's clutches so she has a camera hooked up to monitor when he wakes up. While the group is waiting for Stark to wake up Aphrodite has two visions of zoey death. One of those visions came true however she was saved by Damien. In this vision zoey was attacked by a raven mocker. These are the source of the crowing noise that Zoey has been hearing. So Zoey brings her grandma to the school to help them. Her grandma tells them that a poem in one of Aphrodite’s visions means that Neferet is trying to raise the great dark angel Kalona who terrorized her people until they locked him in the earth. She also tells them tat the raven mockers are his children. This makes zoey decide that it is time for the red vampyres to be revealed to the rest of the vampyre community. Zoey holds a ceremony under the big tree by the wall of the school. With her friends help they complete the ceremony and Stevie Rae is turned into the first red vampyre and gets her humanity back. However Aphrodite looses her mark and becomes human again. She stays at the house of night anyway by drawing her mark back on because she still has the visions that will help the group. During this ceremony Stark comes alive and Neferet blames the red vampyres on Zoey saying that she was using the camera to make sure no one found out about them. Then she has stark shoot Stevie Rae Which fulfills the prophecy and brings Kalona to the surface again. Shekinah tries to stop Neferet but Neferet kills her and fighting breaks loose at the house of night. During all the fighting Zoey and her friends and one of the guards named Darius escapes to the tunnel under Tulsa. Aphrodite then sees Zoey’s grandma in an accident caused by a raven mocker. Zoey makes sure that her grandma is in good care and under ground at the safe house with the nuns that run the street cats a cat shelter in town. This ends this book leaving us hanging yet again and of course waiting for the fifth book.