In this book Zoey has to deal with loosing a person she loves. I have never had anyone die in my arms like zoey did but i have had to deal with the deaths of a few of my family members in the last year or two. Zoey has had to go through alot in her few months at the house of night and i know how she feels. I believe that i can connect with her because we share these things in our lives.

I can also connect this book to the twilight series because in the twilight series they have a major battle against good and evil. In the marked series they have a battle that is really close to this because they are both fights with vampyres. Sometimes people have trouble deciding to do the right thing. In both series' they have this problem and they also both make the right decision.

Zoey has to help her friend Stevie Ray get her humanity back. I have never had to help any of my friend swith this particular problem but i have had to help them with little problems that they have. It is really hard to have to understand what is going through other people's minds let alone help them figure out what to do. so i understand why Zoey is having so much trouble with this throughout the book.