external image Ben%20as%20Kalona.pngThis is Kalona. He is the god that Neferet summons from the earth in the untamed book and also the person that chases Zoey and her friends in this one. This is how the authors or other fans view kalona. I believe that this is a very good interpratation of Kalona. The only problem that i have is that he isn't supposed to be wearing a shirt or a scarf in the book. The picture does a very good job of portraying the mysticism that is supposed to surround him.
external image House_of_Night_Loren_Blake_by_AkaCirce.pngThis is a picture of the Professor Lorin Blake. Although he is not in this book he is one of the main reasons that Kalona rose to power. He was Neferet ='slover in the last book and he manipulated Zoey and caused all her friends to hate her which caused the rise of kalona. This i believe is a really good picture of him. In the book it talks about his tattoos and how they really complete his face and in this picture i believe they really do that even though they are supposed to be blue.

external image Jessica%20as%20Shekinah%20Solo.pngThis is Shekinah the high priestess of all the high priestesses. She also died in the last book at the very end. I put her in my visuals for this book because she really shows the power that Neferet has aquired over the years. She also symbolizes how Kalona and Neferet won't give up until they have what they want no matter what the cost is. The picture shows her tattoo as the sign of Nyx the vampyre goddess of night. This is a very accurate depiction of her because they used almost the right tattoo. She is also supposed to have some tattoos curving around the side of her face.

external image Helen%20as%20Grandma%20Solo.pngThis is a picture of Sylvia Redbird. She is Zoey's grandma and the one that the raven mockers and kalona fear the most. They describe her in the book as an old woman with white hair of indian descent. the only thing that could be better for this would be to have her wearing a lot of topaz. In the book they use topaz to ward off the raven mockers and kalona. This works because Kalona's only weakness is the earth. She is very wise and has the knowledge passed on to her from her anceint tribe members. I chose this picture because this is basically how i pictured her as i was reading the books.

external image Jensen%20as%20Dragon%20Solo.pngThis is how someone views Dragon Lankford in the book. He is one of the Teachers that help's Zoey and her friends escape for the second time. He is the fencing/gym teacher at the school and he is one of the best. His name is Dragon because he is extremely fast,strong, and fierce. He and his wife and Lenobia the equestrian teacher are the only teachers not under Kalona and Neferet's power. They are completly opposed to the stuff that is going on but they won't leave the school and the students without protection. I believe that this is a good person for Dragon because he looks very strick yet slightly relaxed and very confident. This is how I view his Character as i'm reading the books. I also think the tattoos that they gave him are very fitting to his name.