In the House of night series they are having problems with the rise of an evil arch angel Kalona. I can relate this to the Harry Potter series because although it is not about vampyres it does have the same type of story line and conflict. In both series' they are fighting only one enemy. That enemy comes in many forms but it is still the same person. Zoey is fighting Kalona and Harry is fighting Voldemort. Not many vampyre books that i have read follow this type of story line. In the twilight series they fight like four or five different people or groups throughout the whole series.

Although we may not have had to fight an evil super powerful being I think we can all relate to what Zoey is going through. We all have stuff to fight in our lives. Whether it is a bully on the street or the fight against kids doing drugs we have something that we can fight to make life and the world better for everyone. In the books this is the exact same thing Zoey is doing. She is fighting to get rid of Kalona to stop the war that is soon going to occur between humans and vampyres.

This book Kind of reminds me of the movie tremors because they are both hunting and running from horrible creatures. In tremors there are these really large worm like things and that makes me think of the raven mockers. Zoey has to kill them and Kalona but before she can do that she has to run away so she has time to figure out how to kill them. This is the same as the movie except they are running away so they don't get killed while they figure out a way to kill the worm things.

Underworld is a movie about vampires. In this movie they are in a war with the Lichens or werewolves. The main character of the movie wakes up one of the elders of the clan thinking that it will do her a lot of good but he only seeks to kill the person she is trying to protect. This is the same as Neferet waking Kalona because she thinks it will do a lot of good for the vampyre race when it really won't. This is a really good movie to connect the book with for me because it really shows different points of view on the topic of vampyres.

People seem to think that vampyres are cool and that the humans in the book are over reacting. I don't think they are because if they thought about it we would do the same thing if were actually happening to us. We are very unaccepting just like the humans in the book. I use this for a connection because there are many instances in life where we say something is wrong and we don't do anything about it or we do the same thing without even realizing that we do.