P.C and Kristin cast biography

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P.C and Kristen are a mother daughter writing group. P.C cast was born in Watseka,Illinois. As she grew up she was moved by her parents back and forth from Oklahoma to Illinois. During her travels when she was young she fell in love with a breed of horse called the quarter horse. At the same time she also came to like mythology. After high school she joined the U.S. Airforce where she spoke publicly and started her writing career. Now that she has left the Military she has begun teaching professionally. She has taught both college and high school english. She has won six awards for her books some of them being the prism award, the Holt medallion for best paranormal romance, and the Oklahoma book award. She has written seventeen books among them is Goddess by Mistake, Goddess of the Sea, and the seven house of night books( marked, betrayed, chosen, untamed, hunted, tempted, and Burned). P.C has written many romance books for both the adult and the young adult. She published her first book in 2001 one to a small publishing company. Her first book was the start of her paranormal writing career setting the basis for many other books that she has written. After the succes of her first novel She set out to write other international goddess myths. All of her Goddess books are based on actual stories that people would tell alot of them are Greek mythology. She wrote a story retelling the trojan war called "warrior rising". P.C Cast is currently teaching at a public high school where she gets her inspiration from the exuberancy of the students she teaches. Kristen is the daughter of P.C Cast. She was born in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She never moved throughout her childhood because her mother didn't want to give her a life like she had. She writes peotry and has only written the seven house of night books with her mother. She is currently attending the University of Tulsa as a communications major. She began writing the house of night series with her mother when she was nineteen. She has won awards for her poetry though no details are given. She was also a journalist for her highschool newspaper and a publisher for the magazine.