In this book the fifth book in the series Zoey finds that she and her friends are stuck living in the underground tunnels of Tulsa. They cannot leave because the raven mockers will attack Zoey and take her back to Kalona who they still haven't found a way to defeat. Zoey is still trying to save stark even though he is loyal to Neferet and she has started going back out with Eric. She also can't get Heath Luck her ex human boyfriend to leave her alone. So while dealing with a horrible social life Zoey goes outside to ask Heath to go underground to keep him safe. While she is outside with him she gets attacked by a Raven mocker. This brings up a complication in the current living arrangements. Zoey will die if she doesn't go back to the house of night and if she does go back she will be Kalona's prisoner. So without much choice Darius Zoey and the other blue vampyres go back to the house of night where they are greeted very happily by Kalona who punishes the raven mocker for attacking her. Zoey is now getting healed while at the same time plotting with Darius how to escape yet again from Kalona and Neferet's grasp. While at the house of night Zoey convinces Stark that he can do good and that he doesn't have to serve Neferet. This makes him swear loyalty to Zoey without anyone knowing about it. Then when Zoey is completely healed the equestrian teacher helps them escape this turns into a major chase to the spot where Zoey has told the nuns to hide themselves and her grandma. This place is the nun’s memorial place of worship. When they get there she brings her grandma out and they join hands and begin a chant that will send Kalona away for a short time until they can get to safety. This infuriates Neferet and she orders Stark to shoot Zoey and kill her. It seems now that there is no way to avoid it. Stark has to shoot the woman that he loves and the person that he swore his loyalty to. In order to get out of this predicament Stark shoots himself the part that is devoted to Zoey. After this Neferet and Kalona have no choice but to leave because the chanting is driving them away. So Stark has joined the crew and the book yet again leaves you hanging with them trying to figure out a way to kill Kalona.