external image Zoey-Redbird-vampires-6911720-321-439.jpg
This is Zoey Redbird when i was reading the book i didn't really picture her like this. as i read i saw her as a little less mature looking and a little more childish than she actually is. I also saw her as a short person.

external image Erik%20Night%20Heading.png
This is Erik Night. He is one of Zoey's three boyfriends at the house of night. This is pretty much how i visualized Erik as i was reading the book. I just saw his tatooes as a little less complicated. He is deffinatly how the book portrayed him to be.

external image Aphrodite%20LaFonte%20Heading.png
This is definatly how i pictured Aphrodite in these books. She has a very stuck up attitude and she thinks she is way better than everyone. This is the closest they've gotten a character so far as the pictures and the descriptions go in my mind.

external image Damien%20Maslin%20Heading.png
This is Damien one of Zoey's best friends. He is one of the first people to forgive her for lying to them and he also convinces the others to forgive her. I pictured him as a little younger looking but this is a good image it shows his true attitude of being very accepting and very understanding.

external image Stevie-Rae-vampires-6911734-320-441.jpg
This is Zoey's best friend Stevie Rae. In this picture she is a vampyre. However in this book she is still a red fledgling however if you can picture her without the tatoos that stem out from her moon and with the moon not completly colored in then this will be a very good picture of her. It portrayes her as the southern country loving girl that Cast describes her as. However I thought her hair would be a little bit lighter blond.