This book reminds me of the series that I read called twilight. The twilight series is also about vampires. They both have to stop some sort of evil and there both have to overcome problems put in front of them. They are also both about love problems. In chosen Zoey has three boyfriends that she can't decide who to have. In twilight Bella has someone she likes but he doesn't want to put her through what he's gone through.

In this series Zoey has to move to a new school when she gets marked by a vampyre tracker. I can connect with this because I moved to DuBois. It is really hard for her to make new friends at this school. Right off the bat she has made an enemy and I know what that is like. Not many people are willing to accept a new person into their group. Fortunately Zoey met Stevie Ray who took her in like my friend Olivia did with me.

Zoey is a teenager who is going through a lot right now she has so many problems to deal with so many choices to make. In this aspect I think any young person could relate to her, including me. All teens and younger people have choices to make. Things are brought before them and they have to decide what to do in that specific situation. Is like

In this book the author shows her interest in vampyres and more broadly fantasy creatures. I believe that I can connect with this because I like to see how different people perceive fantasy creatures like vampyres. Each person has their own view on what things are and how they act and I like to read different things to find out others peoples views and compare them to mine

Not only is the Marked series about vampyres but it is about a group of teens whose friendships are tested. This happens to all teens everywhere everyday. Every kid gets in an argument with friends about stupid things or not so stupid things. This is why no matter who you are adult, teen, or kid you can connect with this book.