In this book Zoey finds herself facing many more problems at the house of night. First of all she has to figure out how to get her dead but undead friend Stevie Rae her humanity back. This causes some problems because Neferet can read the minds of all the Fledglings in the school except for Zoey and Aphrodite. Aphrodite is Zoey's worst enemy, or she used to be. Aphrodite has visions of the future and she can tell Zoey what is going to happen. There is also a problem with this. Aphrodite can't control when she has her visions. So now Zoey has to save her friend while she lies to her other friends who are beginning to hate her for not talking to them and telling them where she is disappearing to.
She is finding it harder and harder to help Stevie because Stevie is beginning to think that she is never going to get her humanity back. Zoey believes that unless Stevie can believe in herself then she will never get her humanity back. On top of all the Problems she has with Stevie she now has some major relationship problems that she has to deal with. By that I mean that she has three boyfriends right now.
The first one is the hottest guy in the house of night, Eric Night. He is the guy that everybody wants to be with and Zoey has him. However she also has two other guys. One of the guys Eric knows about. He isn't too happy about it but there is nothing he can do. This guy is Heath Luck. Heath is Zoey's human ex-boyfriend whom she really likes still. The rules say that she isn't allowed to be with him because of the possibility of imprinting. Imprinting is when a fledgling or vampyre drinks the blood of a human and the human becomes very attached to the fledgling or vampyre. The human has a connection with the vampyre that is really hard and really painful to break. Zoey already has an imprint with Heath and she doesn't want to get rid of it anytime soon even though she knows that it could possibly leave Heath in a lot of pain in the end.
The third guy is the oh so hot Loren Blake. He is the schools poetry teacher and even though Zoey isn't allowed to be with him either, however she still is. At the house of night students aren't allowed to date teachers. Not only that, Loren is Neferet's lover and he is only coming on to Zoey because Neferet wants him to. She wants him to do this so Zoey will have more secrets to keep from her friends eventually turning them against her. In the end it works and Zoey's friends find about all the secrets she is keeping from them and they turn against her.
Loren is killed by what seems to be the people of the church. After Loren there are even more vampyres turning up dead. Then to make things worse Aphrodite tells Zoey that her human boyfriend is in serious danger again. The red vampyres have taken him and are going to kill him if Zoey doesn't do something about it. Aphrodite manages to tell her enough for Zoey to figure out where he is. Zoey ends up saving Heath but she still has the issue of the red vampyres to deal with.
After Zoey saves Heath, Neferet comes and saves them from the vampyres by helping them out of the underground caves that the vampyres live in. The only bad thing about this is that she erases any memory that the two of them have of the event. This doesn't work on Zoey however and the very next day she remembers what happened. The day that Zoey rescues Heath the police come and talk to Neferet and Zoey about what happened. During this Zoey hints to Neferet under her breath that she won't get what she wants if the whole vampyre society knows about her plan. Neferet responds to this by telling her that if she tells any one about her she will ruin her life. This is how they end book three in the series it really leaves you hanging and I can't wait to read the rest of the books.